MICAS Service Application for
Device Management
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MICAS is a cloud-based service application designed for service providers who manage customer multifunction printing devices. The MICAS service delivers real-time service notifications and remote diagnostics to help increase device uptime. Service providers can use the MICAS service to monitor and maintain both Sharp and OEM devices.

Benefits for Customers

  • Automatic collection of meter data
  • Optimized device uptime for customer convenience
  • Real-time device status notifications to servicing provider

The MICAS Difference

Sharp is committed to providing you with innovative business solutions and continually striving to provide our customers with the highest level of customer satisfaction and optimum service performance. Our cloud-based Machine Intelligence Call Assistance Service (MICAS) helps provide you with vital feedback on the performance and maintenance requirements to keep your MFPs running at the level you’d expect. Download The MICAS Difference to find out how MICAS can benefit your business.

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MICAS Difference PDF

MICAS White Paper

The MICAS white paper provides an overview of the MICAS service, Sharp’s cloud-based service application for multi-function products (MFPs). It offers a detailed explanation of how the service collects and translates data from MFPs. For IT administrators, the white paper elaborates on system requirements, network usage, and security features to help ensure customer satisfaction.
MICAS White Paper
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